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  • Q. Can I get a FREE WoW  multiboxing Software?
  • A. I couldn’t Find any Free functioning WoW Multiboxing software’s, Rememeber don’t get scammed with promises of Free Multiboxing software
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So Why Did I Need A WoW Multiboxing Software?


So the reason I needed a WoW Multiboxing software was due to the face I had multiple account running already and the fact I’ve loved the idea since the days of TBC, When Multiboxing shamans would just chain lightning spam into groups and just push people over. But one of the other mains reasons was the fact I wanted to play multiple classes but never had time or patients to level all of the ones I wanted, Not to mention my gold situation was shocking to say the least. And to begin with I just started reading forums and trying to find the best WoW Multiboxing software to use, Giving them a shot one at a time there wasn’t much variety, Slowly but surely they were all letting me down one by one as my bank account took the hits. Don’t get me wrong one or two of them work “ok” but were tedious to figure out and as soon as a wow patch hit it would take up to a week or more before they got it back up and running again. If you need to learn anything about World of Warcraft, Try Wowwiki which is basically the Wikipedia of WoW and anything you need to know about wow or wow multiboxing is on there.

So I just threw in the towel for awhile, Until some buddies of mine recommended Pwnboxer and I have to say I was a little sceptical at first but my wow urges got the better of me. I done a little research and eventually just bit the bullet and went for it, So it was the best WoW Multiboxing software so far for me. But sure enough along came a WoW patch, but I had to head to out work, and to my amazement they had the software back up and running before I even got a chance to download the WoW patch. So to say the least I was shocked but patch up patch they came threw on all their promises.

So after consistent functionality I decided that this is now my new WoW Multiboxing software. And I decided to try and help anyone else who just wants a decent, safe WoW Multiboxing software, Because the headache and strife of trying to find one just sucked. This is an honest and real take on my experience with this matter. If you want to learn a little bit more about me Click Here

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WoW Multiboxing software is a way to play multiple wow characters at the same time, it broadcasts keystrokes and mouse movements from one character to all your others, allowing you to level, Grind gear, PvP and many other things for a lot of fun and also saving you time and generating a lot of gold in the mean time. Long story short a new way to enjoy WoW your game of choice. It gives the option to pretty much Dungeon spam all by yourself depending on your group set up and really just give you your independence from those people you just cant stand playing with. Some WoW Multiboxing Software’s on part automatize your other characters which goes against Blizzards policy’s. If you are going to Multibox you should make sure its safe to use. I personally ( as I mention throughout the site ) use Pwnboxer it’s safe easy to install and set up.

“To Put It In A Small Amount Of Words Multiboxing is awesome”


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wowmultiboxing shamansNow Ill give you a brief run down on some of the benefits of WoW Multiboxing, just some things I found beneficial while multiboxing, whether your situation is the same as mine or not I’m not sure but. it’s fun for me playing WoW while multiboxing and I have been multiboxing on wow for awhile now as you will see the list of Features what I’m about to put up, but in saying that I have used multiple multiboxing Software’s over the years and my personal favorite is without a doubt Pwnboxer which you can see my Reviews on it on my Video page, and before i started using a multiboxing software i just had the characters on follow and done it the hard way between you and me it sucked SO BAD. my best farming day whilst multiboxing I think for 6 hours of farming I made like 160,000 gold which was huge because before I started i barely had 3k lol. But enough about that here is the Benefits list for WoW Multiboxing.

  • Multiboxing level grinding is awesome not to mention you kill ANYTHING 10x quicker
  • Gold Generation is increased ten fold
  • level 2-10 characters in the same time it takes to level one, if not quicker
  • Level all the flavor of the months classes to keep on top of the food chain
  • Grind gear much quicker
  • So much fun
  • Get every class you ever wanted in almost no time at all
  • Solo farm Coins on Timeless Isle or Isle of Thunder easily
  • Pwnboxer comes with it’s own built in Recording program so you can film yourself play and either show your friends, put it up on Youtube or what ever you want
  • Role Play like a boss


For me I’ve always wanted to multibox since TBC, but you need a decent software to do it and I was only a kid, things have come along way since then and I’ve  tried every software out, some of the other softwares automatize your character and it borderlines on botting and you can be banned for it, the only software with everything you need to multibox on wow and is 100% full proof legal I’ve found is Pwnboxer

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To Begin there is very little I disliked about WoW Multiboxing, but in saying that there are a few things that annoyed me. Before you decide to go ahead and start Multiboxing heres a list of what bugged me

  • People always whispering you with Questions (how?, what?, who?)
  • Can be confusing at first (takes no time at all to figure it out though)
  • Leveling dungeons only take 5 people (for people who want to 6 box+)
  • Q times can change depending on what spec’s you take


But these are just issues I had, besides this WoW Multiboxing is awesome.

Hey again boys and girls, I thought you would like to know about all the stuff I really liked about WoW Multiboxing, Below you will notice I have added a very small list of Pro’s. There are many more then the ones I’m about to list, I only mentioned the things that stood out for the purpose of this WoW Multiboxing Review, I’m sure you will find many more good points with Multiboxing, See below for a list of my pro’s

  • Great for Gold Generation
  • Doesn’t take a genius to figure out (some Software’s more then others)
  • levelling Characters becomes so fun and easy
  • In PvP your ability to destroy goes threw the roof with your Multiple characters
  • Plays Multiple classes/specs for quick dungeon Q’s
  • Solo Arena
  • Solo Farm Dungeon’s/Heroics
  • Doing something Unique really spices up the game for Anyone!


So that’s just a few things I loved about WoW multiboxing, Obviously there are many more other you will discover for yourself if this Review helps you along your way to multiboxing.


WoW MultiboxingSo we have come to my final thought on wow multiboxing, since I started multiboxing I went threw a lot of different Software’s. And I have to say Pwnboxer was the only way for me personally because of all of its benefits and features, compared to the other its simple and quick to set up and install, customer service was awesome, and the software itself is second to none in my opinion. Not only did I have a great time Multiboxing on WoW with my horde of characters, I built my gold up to a ridiculous amount, grinded gear and did it in no time flat.

Look guys this is an honest Review on WoW Multiboxing from one gamer to another, iv been playing since vanilla and after the first expansion once I climbed to the top of the pvp ladders and arena ratings things got a little boring, Until I found Multiboxing, and there is heaps at speculation out there but in my honest opinion Pwnboxer wont disappoint. If your looking for something a little different on wow give multiboxing a try, If you do decide to give it a try I hope you love it as much as I do. you need only click the following links Return to the top of the website to check out the Arena tips or even WoW Multiboxing videos 

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